About Instagram Photo Magnets

Create quality instagram magnets using Magneteo. You can connect directly with your Instagram account from our website, select the pictures you would like to have on magnet and order safely online. Payment is effected via Paypal Europe, using various payment methods applicable in your country.

We produce rigid quality magnets of 5.3 x 5.3 cm from your pictures, made in Germany and quality guaranteed. You can order your quality instagram photo magnets in sets of 6 or 12 magnets.

Instagram photo magnets are a great means to individualise your fridge, your wall, your office or your apartment.  Don’t let your creations stay “only virtual”. Create instagram picture galleries on your fridge or on any other metallic surface.

Instagram Photo Magnets made in Germany

Instagram photo magnets are a means to create unique photo galleries or designs for your house or office. Use your architecture pictures, your design pictures, holiday pictures, family pictures, pet pictures – everything you created using the cool instagram effects – in real life.

Create rigid magnets from your Instagram creations

Or why not create a larger picture out of many little 5.3 cm square photo magnets? You can create large designs using your Instagram pictures, as pixel art.

Use your Instagram creations and our square magnets to create pixel art