Our Quality Custom Magnets

We produce hard magnets in high quality and finish. Our quality custom magnets are up to 3 mm thick and consist of different parts which we print and assemble for you in our studio in Germany. Our magnets are glossy and lasting.

Our in-house production in Germany means that we can be very quick and flexible for your projects, whilst assuring a high level of quality and customer service. Use our Instagram integration to order sets of 6 or 12 magnets with your instagram photos here. We will produce them for you on square magnets of 5.3 cm.

Hard Magnets with your Instagram Pictures

Example: Quality Custom Magnets with Instagram

Or contact us to order decorative custom magnets e.g. as fridge magnets, but also for your office or any metallic surface, using your own photos or designs in any quantity from 1 to a few thousand pieces.

We offer the following formats: 5.3 cm square (used also for our Instagram magnets), 8×5.5 mm rectangular,  round 3.8 cm, round 5.6 cm and round 7.6 cm. A lot of room for your creativity!

We produce quality custom magnets in the fixed formats above, our magnets are hard (or rigid) magnets – we don’t currently produce flexible magnets.

Do feel free to contact us for further information or try out the our Instagram magnets. We are also pleased to advise you for your project, to adapt your designs or to produce a sample (free of charge for larger quantities).

Contact us for a sample or offer!