About us

Magneteo is a Germany-based project with roots in France and Belgium.

It was founded and is owned by Frederic Burton, entrepreneur and founder-owner of Libellulobar, another website promoting magnets. Frederic, who has university degree in landscape architecture and also studied normal architecture is Belgian by nationality, has lived in France, where Libellulobar was born, and lives today in Köln (Cologne), Germany.

Profile of Frédéric Burton
Founder of Magneteo

Profil Facebook de Frédéric Burton

Magneteo was created out of Frederic’s fascination with Instagram. A combination of the just virtual Instagram pictures and his “real” magnets (as produced by Libellulobar) seemed a good idea and something that doesn’t exist yet in the market (where there are only soft flexible magnets available for Instagram). Frederic believes in hard or real magnets, which are more lasting and quality, so they seemed to fit well with the products of the millions of Instagramers.

Besides the instagram business, magneteo will also provide just beautiful custom magnets in various formats.

We hope you enjoy this site.