Welcome to Magneteo!

Magneteo gives you the possibility to connect to your own Instagram account and to order your pictures in magnet form! We create beautiful quality rigid magnets to decorate your fridge with your memories and best shots. Each photo is a souvenir, a piece of your memory, don’t let them be forgotten in your smartphone or computer!

Welcome to Magneteo! Magneteo is based in Germany and our production is done in-house in our workshop in Cologne. We have many years of experience in rigid magnets (we like to call them quality magnets, as quite different from the flexible magnets you can get from many places), through our business Libellulobar.

Simply use our Instagram App to connect to your own Instagram account to load your pictures.

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Or, if you don’t have Instagram and would like to have beautiful magnets (round, rectangular or square), contact us here and we will be pleased to help you with your project!

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